Delphi Technology is currently a division of Borg Warner, an Ohio-based corporation specialising in advanced combustion, hybrid, electric, light cars, commercial vehicles, and aftermarket technologies. Delphi's product line is now part of its aftermarket product portfolio, which services all parts of automobiles globally. By providing complex car systems and service solutions, Delphi Technology is able to provide a step forward in terms of servicing and substance.


LuK is a German automotive aftermarket equipment manufacturer that is currently owned by the industrial titan Scharffler. They supply original equipment of excellent quality as well as operating comfort. LuK is the world's foremost producer of clutch technology, supplying all of the main tractor manufacturers. LuK damping systems provide a high-performance option for vibration dampening. You can rely on its low-cost, long-life goods, which offer economic value by allowing for a 24-hour work cycle.


Sparex is a tractor components company that sells bearings, engines, filters, axels, power trains, hydraulics, and mechanical parts. It is the primary choice for organisations like CAT, BLS, Dynamic Technologies, LuK, and many more. It began in 1965 as a manufacturer and seller of agricultural spare parts and accessories. It now has 50,000 goods in its product range, which are divided into two categories: replacement parts for agricultural tractors and replacement earth-wearing components for agricultural equipment. Fasteners, workshop tools, trailer equipment, paint, lighting, and other electrical goods are also available, as are hundreds of other universal components.


Perkins has been the world's leader in producing diesel engines for over 85 years, setting standards of mechanical engineering excellence and offering a broad variety of innovative and dependable power solutions. Perkins offers a comprehensive world-class support service with highly experienced technicians to meet all of the customer's demands for their whole engine system.

Dynamatic Hydraulic

Dynamatic Technology has provided cutting-edge solutions for automotive, aviation, hydraulic, and security systems. Current agricultural and construction manufacturers use Dynamatic Hydraulics, which include, Combined Variable and Fixed Displacement Pump Packages, Temperature Controlled Fan Drive Systems, and Fixed Displacement Pumps in Aluminum and Cast Iron with a variety of integrated valve options.


CNH Industrial is a worldwide capital goods leader that conducts design, manufacture, distribution, sales, and financial activities in international markets. CNH employs over 64,000 employees across 180 countries in 66 production sites and 57 research and development centres. Case, Steyr Traktoren, New Holland, Iveco, and other brands are among those in its portfolio.